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February 7, 2018
Los Angeles Times

Priscilla Vega at the LA Times reporting on the World Health Organization’s plan to add “gaming disorder” to is list of mental health conditions, notes:

UC Irvine’s Department of Informatics published an online response Jan. 24. It noted that the Higher Education Video Game Alliance had found “very little scholarly evidence to support the classification as proposed.”

“We don’t dispute that there are some young people who get into problematic gaming communities or play too much at expense of other activities,” said Mimi Ito, director of UCI’s Connected Learning Lab. “But we want to stress that is a minority of gamers. For most young people, games are a positive influence in [their] lives, whether more traditional games, sports or video games.”

Faculty members at the Connected Learning Lab research how digital media, including online activity and social media, can help youths with problem solving and socio-emotional skills.

Ito said interactive media such as games, online resources and communities offer a new range of options for students to discover that can lead them toward careers in that field.