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November 5, 2018
Columbia Journalism Review

Article by Anya Kamenetz for the Columbia Journalism Review, writes:

Mimi Ito, a foundational scholar of teens’ online lives, tells me, “With anxiety stoked by fear-inducing media stories, and shamed by their peers, parents grasp for simple authoritarian solutions often against their kids’ interests. But when parents take the time to appreciate and connect with their kids’ digital interests, it can be a site of connection and shared joy”—and a way to mentor kids to discover their own creativity….

Ito, who focuses on teens’ own accounts of their experience, says moral-panic news coverage actually hurts and divides families. “When the press stokes unfounded anxieties and fears about screens, young people and families pay the price. Not only do kids lose the opportunity to connect with their parents around things they care about, they suffer loss of privacy and access to valued activities, information, and social connection.”