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July 7, 2008 |

I’m happy to announce that the Center for Social Media has just released a new best practices document to help video makers and distributors navigate the world of digital and online video, and I’m also proud to say that I had a small part in it as a member of the committee who put the document together. I first learned about the work that the Center for Social Media was doing when they released a similar best practices document for fair use in documentary film making. This new document addresses practices of remixing and reposting in online video, and provides guidelines for the parameters of fair use in these practices.

The code identifies, among other things, six kinds of unlicensed uses of copyrighted material that may be considered fair, under certain limitations. They are:

  • Commenting or critiquing of copyrighted material
  • Use for illustration or example
  • Incidental or accidental capture of copyrighted material

  • Memorializing or rescuing of an experience or event
  • Use to launch a discussion
  • Recombining to make a new work, such as a mashup or a remix, whose elements
    depend on relationships between existing works

See the full document

And if you haven’t already, check out their video — Remix Culture — for a great visual overview and introduction to remix video.

It was a real pleasure working with Patricia Aufderheide, Peter Jaszi, and the other committee members in putting this together. I learned a lot from the collaborative process, and was much impressed by Patricia and Peter’s ability to pull together the insights and expertise of a diverse committee into a super-solid document.