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September 2, 2014 |

I love it when my different social and professional worlds start to collide in productive ways. These past few weeks I’ve been delighted to see more and more bridges being built across the world of higher education where I sit as a faculty member, and the world of teens and connected learning, that has been the focus of my research for many years with the DML Hub. This has been brewing for a while with the Reclaim Open Learning initiative that we supported at the Hub among other things, but has really leveled up this fall with Connected Courses, which just launched this week with a webinar led by Jim Groom, Howard Rheingold, and Alan Levine.

I am so stoked to be part of this fabulous group of faculty who are co-teaching this course, but most importantly to be a co-learner in this new experiment. I’ll be working with my team at the Hub to develop our own connected course for DML and connected learning, so this is going to be my professional development community. As a noob connected course facilitator I am looking forward to learning from the folks who have been doing this for years through courses like FemTechNet, phonar, and ds106. I’m already having a blast thinking and innovating with this community. It’s even made me revive my blog!

I’m also cooking up some ideas with my colleagues in the Connected Learning Research Network on how we might design a lightweight survey so that we capture some of the learning and connection building that our students will be gaining through participation in connected courses. So stay tuned for that in the unit that I’m co-facilitating with Mike Wesch and Helen Keegan in a few weeks!

And along the way I’ve been noodling myself on how all this relates to broader shifts in the higher ed landscape, mostly recently in a talk I gave for Google Brazil.