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December 1, 2014 |


Thanksgiving is my favorite US holiday – food, friends, family and appreciation. This year, I happily added Connected Courses community to my roster of what I am profoundly grateful for.

Connected Courses was launched with the energy and goodwill of a handful of facilitators who shared the values of connected learning, equity, and the open web. I could never have imagined how connections and networks could have blossomed and fanned out from these beginnings. Reviewing the analytics from Jamieson of @dmlhub, I see a picture of conversations and connections bubbling merrily across the open web, through twitter, G+, Facebook, Diigo, disqus forum, and hundreds of blogs. What is a nightmare from a data analytics point of view is an ideal outcome for those of us seeking to build open networked learning communities. It’s about seeding the beginnings of relationships, ideas, projects, and courses that will take root and blossom in a widely distributed set of contexts, communities, and institutions. The official course site and offerings are clearly just some among many passage points in growing and nurturing this process.

And this is just the beginning. I’m in it for the long haul, and have been heartened to hear that others are as well. I hear @cogdog is keeping the blogtalk garage open, @dogtrax is spinning daily connects back up, @laura_ritchie reminds us that things are just beginning, and @googleguacamole is just starting to dig into her research with other ccourse colleagues.

I am working with my team at the DML Hub to kick off a connected course in the spring, that will center on topics in digital media and learning for graduate students, postdocs, and emerging scholars in the field. I’m supporting Kylie Peppler and our network of DML scholars to get this off the ground. Our plan is to start with topics around professional pathways for interdisciplinary work and moving next to a focus on approaches in design research. We will definitely be visiting the blogtalk garage for tips and support.

What would you want to see in the continuing community space?
What connected courses are you planning?
How will you be continuing with connected courses beyond this week?

Please comment here, on the forum, twitter #ccourses #notover, or on G+. An email from DML Hub will be going out shortly too!

Image credit: Dandelion Rain by ®DS