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December 26, 2007 |

I’m a bit late to blog this, but a few weeks ago the MacArthur Foundation did an official announcement of a new book series on Digital Media and Learning being published by MIT Press. They also announced a new journal, The International Journal of Learning and Media. Both the journal and the book series are part of the MacArthur Foundation’s initiative on digital media and learning that I have been involved in for many years now with our digital youth project. For these publication efforts I get to play multiple roles: advisory board for the book series, author in the book series, and part of the editorial board of the journal. We are hoping that this series and journal will be a way of focusing and showcasing the work in the field. My own article in the book The Ecology of Games, edited by Katie Salen is here. All of the content of the book series are being made available in traditional print formats as well as online for free download.