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March 30, 2006 |

For this academic year, I’ve been involved in a research group that the Annenberg Center has been sponsoring on Networked Publics. We’ve just announced our conference that is our wrap-up event for the year. Should be an interesting experimental event that mixes academics and activists and creators of new networked culture.

Annenberg Center for Communication
University of Southern California
April 28-29, 2006

This two-day event will bring together new media scholars and practitioners to exhibit and discuss the roles of audiences, activists, and producers in maturing networked media ecologies. The event is organized by the Networked Publics fellowship program ( at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Center for Communication.

The conference includes a media festival and an academic program.

• “Do-It-Yourself: Emergent Networked Culture,” is an experimental news and entertainment media festival featuring new kinds of viral, remixed, and amateur media works enabled by current networked ecologies. Categories of curated work include: political remix videos, the digital handmade, anime music videos, machinima, alternative news, and infrastucture hacks.

• The academic program is dedicated to three topics: Politics, Infrastructure and Place. For each of these topics, netpublics fellows will convene a session to interrogate current issues and controversies related to emergent networked ecologies.

The format of the event is designed to promote interaction and dialog across a diverse set of participants. Our goal is to facilitate conversation on topics of shared concern and a mixture of formats that include screenings, debates, and interaction around computer kiosks.

Please RSVP by April 14 at if you would like to attend. Space is limited. Feel free to forward to individuals who you think would be interested in this event.

The preliminary schedule is here.

Academic Program Organizers: Francois Bar, Wally Baer, Julian Bleecker, Anne Friedberg, Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Mark Kann, Merlyna Lim, Fernando Ordonez, Adrienne Russell, Kazys Varnelis

Festival Organizers: Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Mimi Ito, Merlyna Lim, Todd Richmond, Adrienne Russell, Marc Tuters, Kazys Varnelis

Conference Coordinators: JoAnn Hanley, Elizabeth Harmon