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August 9, 2005 |

Ito, Mizuko, Daisuke Okabe, and Misa Matsuda Eds., Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

The book I edited with Daisuke Okabe and Misa Matsuda is out from MIT Press and available on Click here for a pdf of a draft of the introduction.

The book is an edited collection of social and cultural studies of keitai (mobile phone) and pager use over the past decade or so in Japan. We included our own research as well as research by a variety of mostly Japanese scholars whose work we translated from Japanese.



Editor’s Notes on Translation

Introduction: Portable, Personal, Pedestrian
Mizuko Ito

The Social and Cultural Construction of Technological Systems

Discourses of Keitai in Japan
Misa Matsuda

Youth Culture and the Shaping of Japanese Mobile Media:
Personalization and Keitai Internet as Multimedia
Tomoyuki Okada

A Decade in the Development
of Mobile Communications in Japan (1993-2002)
Kenji Kohiyama

Cultures and Imaginaries

The Third Stage Paradigm: Territory Machines from the Girls’ Pager Revolution to Mobile Aesthetics
Kenichi Fujimoto

Japanese Youth and the Imagining of Keitai
Haruhiro Kato

Social Networks and Relationships

Mobile Communication and Selective Sociality
Misa Matsuda

The Mobile-izing Japanese:
Connecting to the Internet by PC and Webphone in Yamanashi
Kakuko Miyata, Jeffrey Boase, Barry Wellman and Ken’ichi Ikeda

Accelerating Reflexivity
Ichiyo Habuchi

Keitai and the Intimate Stranger
Hidenori Tomita

Practice and Place

Keitai in Public Transportation
Daisuke Okabe and Mizuko Ito

Gendered Usage of Keitai in Domestic Contexts
Shingo Dobashi

Visualization of the Work Space of Service Engineers
by Keitai Technology and Its Designs
Eriko Tamaru and Naoki Ueno

Technosocial Situations:
Emergent Structurings of Mobile Email Use
Mizuko Ito and Daisuke Okabe

Emergent Developments

Keitai Usage Among Today’s
Japanese Elementary and Junior High School Students:
Research of the Views and Reality of Parents, Children, and Schools Yukiko Miyaki

Uses and Possibilities of the Keitai Camera
Fumitoshi Kato, Ryuhei Uemoto, Daisuke Okabe and Mizuko Ito