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February 6, 2006 |

After many months of planning, wrangling, and testing the limits of Boris’ seemingly limitless patience, my new web site has arrived! I blatantly poached from Kazys in trying to think of a structure that works for an academic blog, balancing time based content (this blog), static content (about), and archival content (publication, appearances, press). Yeah, I know everyone has to think about these things, but for me this process has been an interesting reflection on how we can localize popular online tools for niche needs (in this case, academic identity displays).

The web site is still in process and phase two is already in the queue with Boris, but I’d welcome any feedback on how things look so far. This is an experiment in moving from my old site, which used MT but wasn’t really a blog in genre, to a hybrid where I can post more informal and bloggy thing too. Wish me luck in this new phase of online identity production.

I’m still working on updating and tweaking content to fit this new format, so please bear with me for a few more days.