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November 29, 2015 |


Emerging from my turkey coma, I am writing with much gratitude for my two dear friends and colleagues Henry Jenkins and danah boyd. I am a bit late to the party in announcing that the book we wrote together is now available in electronic and hard/softcopy.

As danah has already noted, this book was instigated by Henry, who approached us about writing a book together for Polity. We agreed that we’d only do it if would become an occasion to have fun and learn from each other. It would be an excuse for a conversation, for danah to fly out to SoCal on occasion, and for us to sit on my couch or in the sun out back and catch up on what we thought was most fascinating or frightful about today’s networked world.

We thought it would be easy to record our thoughts, transcribe, and edit, but the process ended up being much more involved than we initially imagined. It turns out a conversation among close colleagues is a great way to start a book but not the best way to complete it. We transcribed, remixed, edited, and added new framing introductions to each chapter. Along the way, I hope we made it more cohesive and less insular without erasing the fun we had along the way.

The book is an effort to embody the dialog among Internet friends, the perpetual beta, and the networked, participatory culture that is its topic. I also love that it is an ode to intergenerational co-learning and reverse mentorship. I am comfortably sandwiched between Henry and danah as far as formal institutional mentorship and scholarly cohorts, but I am sure Henry would agree that danah is as much a mentor to us as vice versa. I just hope our readers enjoy this scholarship in a participatory mode as much as we did!